About Us

AIRSURDIS is a global player specializing in the design and marketing of high-level Airborne Surface Disinfection devices and chemicals.

Who we are

The company draws on over 50 years of combined experience of its Founders in R&D, technical biology and design and supply of airborne surface disinfection ( ASD ) solutions to meet current decontamination issues, tomorrow’s challenges and the plurality of biohazardous situations.

AIRSURDIS has developed specific product ranges using proven technologies and having the biocidal efficiency standard EN17272:2020 in the medical and industrial fields. In addition, AIRSURDIS conduct, in its own clean room facility, and in many customers facilities, field studies to optimize biological protocols and validation of the decontamination processes.


A high-level learning tool

The company has its own ISO 7 clean room for research and training in airborne surface disinfection.


Would you like to join our network?

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