Mo2one® is the new generation of disinfection equipment, equipped with 2
rotating heads, benefiting from the brand new intuitive interface specially
designed to facilitate the surface disinfection procedure and reassure the
user of accurate usage.


Specification  Application

main features

  • Volume range treated : 20 to 1000 m3

  • Weight : 49 Kg

  • Dimensions: 650 x 600 x 705 mm


Mo2one® is a compact Airborne Surface Disinfection (ASD) equipment
integrating a double venturi system with a controlled Vortex with a range of
20 meters producing a dry and cold mist thus avoiding the risk ofcorrosion. Compact, robust and
ergonomic, Mo2one® is equipped with the latest generation of intelligent
software from the Pegase range, which enables it to meet both the simplest
and the most demanding requirements (thanks to its total traceability capabilityby liquid weighing, and export of reports via USB)

Areas of application

BSL 2, BSL3, BSL4 Labs
Animal facilities
Infectious risk areas
Pharmaceutical production area
Cold rooms
Patient rooms
Nurseries, Retirement homes
Food production areas

Description of the device

Programming of the volume to be treated
Choice of 1 or 2 nozzles
Choice of rotation or fixed modes
Progressive sound alarm
Easy mobility with its anti-shock handle
Automatic generation of report

An answer to your risk management strategy

Mo2one® is used in combination with the ready-to-use disinfectant Spray Oxy Pae®.
Thanks to its stainless-steel shell, it is easy to clean and extremely resistant to shocks.
It purges automatically after each diffusion.

A process that adapts to your organization…

Mo2one® has a double rotating head which offers several possibilities of biocide diffusion:
2 rotating heads for large volumes, 2 fixed heads for corridors, 1 head for small volumes.
Mo2one® thus offers intelligent operation according to the configuration of your areas.

… and ecological:

Spray Oxy Pae® contains no additives or organic residues. The disinfection cycle ends
with total degradation into free oxygen and water, without any residue. Spray OxyPae® is a
TP2 and TP4 biocide according to European regulation 2009/107/EC, containing only 7.5%
pure hydrogen peroxide.

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