POSS systems feature in Cleanroon Technology magazine

Airsurdis and it’s POSS range of SuperMiscellar Fog Airborne Surface Disinfection equipment has been featured in the January edition of the well respected Cleanroom Technology magazine, released on 12th January 2022.

Here is a link to the article POSS Airborne Disinfection System – a new standard (cleanroomtechnology.com)

Airsurdis website goes live.

Airsurdis is pleased to announce that our new website is now fully functional and live at www.airsurdis.com

Please take the opportunity to check out our exciting range of Airborne Surface Disinfection equipment and chemical for all your surface decontamination needs.

Happy to hear from you at contact@airsurdis.com for any enquiries on Airborne Surface Disinfection.

Airsurdis launches POSS Technology

The exclusive Supermicellar Fogging System inside the POSS machine uses the principle of generating of ultra fine and accurately controlled size microdroplets, at ambient temperature, by ultrasonic vibration (1.6MHz) and from which only the ultrafine droplets are created and ejected outside the equipment using a specially designed internal fan mechanism. The droplet size range created is 1-3 microns. 
This technology allows the great advantage of being able to position the POSS machine either inside the space to be decontaminated, or outside and to transfer the fog through pipes into the space without any issues normally associated with non-vapour generating systems.
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POSS Technology to controle contamination inside cleanroom services

Ask POSS Technology to controle contamination inside cleanroom services. Using the patented SuperMicellar Fogging technology the POSS range comprises of 5 differing models to suit a variety of applications in critical environment decontamination.

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